Tooth Extractions

Why Tooth Extractions?

Despite any prioritized efforts for natural teeth to be preserved, there are many instances where extraction is the best option. These situations may include teeth that are severely damaged or decayed, teeth that are overcrowded, or teeth that are impacted below the gum line. In each of these cases, our team ensures to perform an extraction with the utmost skill while keeping the procedure comfortable for the patient. We do this by putting our passion for the patient first, ensuring that they not only have a successful extraction, but also a pleasant experience. 

Our team performs simple extraction, complex extractions, and wisdom tooth extractions at our office. Most, but not all, of these procedures require surgery. To learn more about the process or schedule your appointment, call our Idaho office today!

Simple Extraction

A simple extraction is performed under the comfort of local anesthetic and sedation but does not require surgery. This involves the removal of a tooth that has already emerged into the mouth.

  • This procedure starts by gently rocking the tooth in its socket.
  • Once it has become loose, we will simply remove it.
  • The entire tooth can be removed in one piece under this method.

Complex Extraction

A complex extraction is one that requires surgical means to access or remove a tooth. This is a dental procedure that is used to remove a tooth that is located in a difficult or challenging spot in the mouth. This type of extraction can be necessary when a tooth has been damaged or is impacted (stuck) in the jawbone. Typically, we may need to modify tissue or supporting bone to access and remove the tooth.

While complex tooth extractions can be a bit more complicated than routine extractions, you can expect a safe and comfortable experience from Clark Oral & Facial Surgery. For more information on this procedure, please contact our office.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth usually start growing when a person reaches their late teens or early twenties. However, in some cases, they start earlier or later than this; in rare cases, they do not grow at all. Impacted wisdom teeth come in many forms, and it’s important that your general dentist give you a thorough diagnosis before suggesting surgical extractions with Clark Oral & Facial Surgery. In most cases, the tooth has been growing in an incorrect position for some time and occasionally even starts to decay due to its proximity with other teeth. 

Extracting a wisdom tooth is a very common operation and normally takes less than one hour to complete. To remove your wisdom tooth or all four of your wisdom teeth, we will make an incision in the gum tissue to expose the tooth before using special tools to remove it.

Bringing Comfort & Compassion To Your Extraction

Our team at Clark Oral & Facial Surgery prides ourselves on the impact we are making on our patients. While an extraction can feel like an unsettling process, our efforts to keep the process pain-free and comfortable make all the difference. 

Patients report positive outcomes from each extraction, and we are always gentle, kind, and patient in performing this form of procedure. We respect their needs while keeping their comfort in mind, as we believe, this is all part of our job. To schedule an appointment for a tooth extraction, please call our office today!